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You have embarked on an exciting journey! Congratulations and best wishes. I'm real excited for you because you are now a member of a very special comunity! The Entrepreneurial comunity!

How Attractive Are you?

How attractive are you to lenders is the question that you should also be asking when looking into start up business loans. If you are serious about getting financing for your start up business, you must be very attractive to lenders before they'll consider your loan proposal.
How do you become a magnet for lenders?

Why is this important? you may be asking. There are several reasons.  

The Credit report

Just like a lover who preens herself to pounce on an unsuspecting candidate, you too need to clean up your act to be able to convince your candidates of your suitability.

Here are some items that you may want to look into while you decide to apply for funding.

  • How good is your credit report?
  • Are you over-extended on any of your debt?
  • Are you well off, generally speaking?
  • What's your next worth?
  • What's the ratio of your debt to income?
  • How much do you know about the industry?
  • Who is your competition?
  • How are you going to market your product?
  • Who is part of your management team?

    All of these items would typically be on a businsess plan. You do have a business plan, right? If you don't, then you need to get started on one right away. That will answer one question, which should be the question you need to ask before you go any further.
    If you would like more information on this or any other items here send me an email loans@start-business-loans.comwith your questions