Best Approaches for Getting High PR Backlinks

Everyone in internet marketing knows all too well that backlinks are the cornerstone of off page SEO, or search engine optimization. The smartest thing you can do ifyou want backlinks is to get the best most high quality possible depsite the different situations and requirements necessary to rank well. It may work to have thousands of backlinks of lower quality but it isn’t necessary if you have high quality backlinks. The following tips will give you the tools you need to get high PR backlinks foryour sites. 

In case you aren’t already aware of this, you should avoid link farms at all costs, and know who you’re dealing with before you exchange any links. You can actually be penalized by Google if you (apparently) seem to be practicing backlinking from ‘bad’ neighborhoods. On the other hand, Google does seem to like it if you link to authority sites from your site. The way you obtain backlinks has to take into consideration the reputation of your site, and your overall method of marketing. Webmasters with authority sites, for example, have little to gain by obtaining links from low PR sites. 

One commonly used method you can apply to obtain high PR backlinks is easily abused, but there’s a proper way it can be used. The method of which we’re speaking is creating profiles on forums and social sites, and many marketers now use automated software to accomplish this. While this is sometimes considered a black or gray hat approach, you can also do it ethically, by creating legitimate profiles for each site. You can make this an ongoing part of your strategy, and be sure that you use anchor text in your links that contains your main keywords. Backlinks from these high PR sites can accelerate your site’s climb in the rankings, especially if you combine it with the appropriate anchor text. This tactic works best when you get links from sites with niches the same or close to your own. 

You can still benefit from the nofollow link attribute found on the very large and popular sites such as Facebook. It’s typical for sites to allow dofollow links when they start out, but soon everyone is trying to benefit from this, Google catches on, and the site changes its policy to nofollow. Nofollow links, however, can still be helpful. Obviously, dofollow links are superior. Any backlinks are better than none, and it’s also good to mix the type of links you get, so Google doesn’t get suspicious. If all of your links are dofollow, and come from high PR sites, Google can figure out that you’re pursuing an aggressive linking strategy. There’s nothing wrong with backlinks that are no follow from high PR sites, so get them when you can. 

If you know what to do and how to look for them, getting high page rank (PR) backlinks is not a difficult process. If you have the money to outsource you are that much better off. Outsourcing frees up your time for traffic generating since you don’t have to worry about the time it takes to do the boring tedious task of finding them.

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