Business Presence and Creating a Marketing Campaign

There are too many conflicting messages out there on the Internet when it comes to business presence.    

What to believe?

Business Presence

First, let us look at what a business presence is.

If you are serious about being in business for yourself and of being taken
seriously by your customers, you must make sure that you present a
professional image.

The professional image will be more than the way you dress, a lot more.

Actually, on the Internet, the way you dress is immaterial. The way you present
yourself is where the crux of the matter resides.

If you are serious about your business and want to make a difference and not come
across as a fly-by-night operator, at the bare minimum, you will need:

  • A website that's hosted professionally
  • Layout and information that's attractive and current, for the most part.
  • Ability to capture your visitor's information for later follow-up.
  • A good follow-up process.
  • Ability for your visitors to reach you, at any time.
  • Ability for your visitors to order from you at any time.
  • A good display of over-delivering on your promises.
  • Ability to track how your advertising is working.
  • Ability to update and keep your site current.

The interesting thing is that all of above is available for the most part, at a very low price.

If you didn't want to do any of this, you could have a website setup, have your content
generated for you, install a vistior information capture and follow-up, and advertising
tracking going for just a few hundred dollars (in the US, you could do this for around
$300, with a monthly outlay of another $200.) Which isn't much when you consider
the return on your investment.

This would set you up as one who is serious about his business and is here for the long
haul. Also, you would be creating and associating your brand within your visitors' minds.

That in a nutshell, is what the business presence is all about.

What do you do once you have this in place?

The next step is to make sure that you are reaching your market. After all, if you have
a store and got the right signage and address and business cards, you still have a ways
to go before your next customer comes in. On the Internet it is no different.

For visitors to come in you need to let them know who you are, where you are, and that
you may be their best remedy for the pain they are experiencing. How does this work?

As billions of websites try to compete for the searching public it is difficult to get one
specific site to compete for someone's attention when they have so much to look at out
there on the Internet.

Try this, do a search for "Golf" on your favorite search engine. You will find on Google that
there are over 500 million web pages competing for a visitor's attention, and that is only
the pages that Google thinks are related to the word you typed. MSN has about 335
million sites and Yahoo on the other hand brings up over 2 billion pages for your pleasure.

With so much out there, what does it take to help your visitor reach your site?

Although this is oversimplified, the best way is to generate interest on your web site on your
own and then do it over and over.

Here's what generally does the trick.

7 Steps To a Successful Marketing Campaign

First, you create a compelling website, then you either create an advertising campaign to
bring in visitors (something like Google Pay Per Click) or you buy ad space on different
web sites that already have massive traffic and are able to bring in visitors to your site.

Second, you use off-the-Internet advertising to bring in visitors. This could be through
print advertising or by enlisting the help of your existing customers through email or
actual mail campaigns.

Thirdly, you create a newsletter or some process to keep your visitors coming back to your
site for more. This could be a short 5 to 7 part course or a newsletter with short tips on the
business area of expertise you are in.

Fourth, find a way to give short presentations in your community. This could be at your public
library or for any of the local non-profit organizations, and make sure that you have follow-up
material that is enticing enough for your listenners to investigate further - by going to your website.

Fifth, measure your processes. Find out what is working and fine tune it further then implement it
and measure again. Find out what isn't working and stop doing any more of that. You could also
experiment with split testing where you have one process on one location and andother on a
different location and then measure which is the most effective, and so on.

Sixth, use social networking sites to expand your circle of influence. These are sites that allow
you to create a shorter message but that are much more likely to attract more eyeballs than your
static website would. Experiment with these and keep in mind that one product may not complement
your website's goals as another so don't be afraid to cut and run from it. Your brand is that important.

Seventh, do this again and again until you are able to create the results you want time and
again. Don't take this too seriously, the internet is still in its growing stages and although it is
starting to stabilize, it will be a while before it really does, so take advantage of this wacky wild  world
and have fun.

Although these suggestions were oversimplified, you can certainly implement them successfully for
your business and see results fairly quickly. That's the beauty of the Internet. Either it works or it
doesn't. However, it will take some effort on someone's part, whether it's on your part doing it all
(sweat equity) or on someone else's paid efforts but it will still require effort. It's not going to happen
by itself.

Someone mentioned that for you to see massive results you need to create massive action. So, go and create some massive action. You got enough to get you started.

Wishing you the best on your ventures.

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